Rod, CDA against fashion norms.

February 23, 2018



Since the day I've met you I've known you to be very open, creative and confident in your fashion choices. Have you always been so sure of your fashion sense?


I have, including when I was a kid I wore bright red and yellow rugby pants and Vuarnet sunglasses.  That might be dating me but I’ve always been out there.




Fill in the blank, you are a criminal defense lawyer by day and a "blank" by night?


"Gadabout, that’s kind of  a mischievous person."


Is this word of the day?

Yes, I’ll try and send the definition to you.




Do you dress differently in the court room?

Yes, more conservatively in the court room but definitely more fashion conscious than some.


Do people know you for it?

Oh yeah.  They comment on it often.




What’s the most common comment you get?

Definitely my socks.  I have these socks with a heart and arrow through them that I once wore having lunch with a paralegal. She came back to the court house after our lunch and told everyone that she needed a cigarette. We all thought that was pretty funny.




Was it hard to break into the legal scene dressing how you do?


"Well being a criminal lawyer is part ego and part confidence but behind that is the hard work.  Without the hard work there is no confidence. You can’t be brash without working hard and if you do, you will have the confidence."


What are some of your favorite brands to shop?

Right now my 2 favorite suit brands are Corneliani and Pal Zileri.  I also really like shoes Churchs shoes from Gravity Pope.

Btw I texted you the definitions of gadabout.  I believe it said “a habitual pleasure seeker”

Lol, sounds a bout right.




How long have you been a WWV client?

I guess it’s been about 10 years.


As a guy, did it bother you to shop at a store called Women With Vision?

No, because I always had a captive audience.

Lol, very true.




What advice would you give men when it comes to shopping at wwv?

That they should go in and have fun and try on every frame that the staff suggests.


What advice would you give men when it comes to shopping in general?

That they should stretch the fashion envelope but only wear what’s comfortable for them.



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