Dressed in confidence.

February 4, 2018


You have such a wonderful collection of dress wear. When and where did your obsession start?


I have always had a love for gowns and long dresses. I guess you could say I like to make a statement if I'm going to dress up.


"I think its an empowering thing to be able to attract attention in a classy way without having to say a word." 


Since I was a little girl I've loved having that extra umph of presence.




What is it that you look for when you are buying a new dress?


When I'm shopping for a dress the first thing I always think about is what kind of vibe I want to have. Am I trying to look chic and sexy? Or am I trying to look fun and vibrant?


Well you always look vibrant that's for sure! What type of feeling do you like to have when wearing a gown or seeing yourself in it?


I think you have to base any outfit/look on your vibe and how you want to feel. Once I have that in my head, I look for good quality, what’s going to look good on my body and of course what would catch my attention if I saw it on someone else.




Where do you find all your dresses?


I find my dresses all over. Some online and some in boutiques. Online shopping is an amazing world right now. Just make sure to do your homework on who the online store is, their reviews, etc. This is important to make sure you are getting great quality.


I have to ask...do you keep ALL your dresses?


I do keep all my dresses. I have a pretty strict rule of only wearing my nice gowns once every 3-4 years lol. I don’t like to repeat my nicer dresses.  It's great because my girlfriends have a great selection to borrow from as well.


That is a plus! Sharing is caring. lol




What advice can you give women who are shopping for formal wear?


My advice for women shopping for formal wear is to find what makes you feel great.


"As cliche as it sounds, the best thing a woman can wear is confidence."  


Find something that makes you feel like you can shut down a room when you walk in to it. No matter what the vibe or the event, pick something that makes the room you walk into feel your confidence.




So true.  Confidence reads hugely with these things.  I bet you could walk in with a paper bag and heels on and everyone would be like "that Minh-Thu, she's done it again!" lol




Who has your favourite "red carpet" celebrity style?


Ahhh, It’s too hard to choose my favourite celebrity red carpet style lol. I love anything from a tight fitting turtle neck gown to Rihanna’s see through crystal gown she wore for the CFDA Awards. The fun thing about evening wear is you can still be very creative with it.




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