Tales of a Vampy Vixen.

January 25, 2017

(White and gold sunglasses // Barton Perreira, Choker // IG: Itsashanelthing, Bodysuit // America Apparel, Leather jacket // Noul) 


How would you describe your personal style?

My style could be super grungy wearing stuff from thrift store and then the next day I could be looking like a classy 50 year old lady about to go to brunch.  Some of my items are $2 and some of my items are really expensive.

A lot of it really depends on my mood. I used to be blonde so when I died my hair dark I felt more like I was me and my style has really developed from there.


(Gold semi rimless frames // L.A. Eyeworks, Dress // Aritzia)


Who are some of your style inspirations.

Obviously there isn't anything the Kardashians wear that I don’t want to wear myself but the one thing I notice people always calling me is vampy! 


"I like being creepy and mysterious but classic at the same time." 


Also, since I’ve moved to London I've really come to love Alexa Chung. She’s very androgynous and I love that. London in itself is very inspiring to just take from people walking down the street. 


 (Round metal tortoiseshell frames // Kio Yamato, Beige Jacket // Noul)


Do you go through fashion phases?

Well yeah for me It’s kind of like men, I don’t have a specific type it just depends on how I’m feeling.  No nobody has ever been able to put me in a box when it comes to my taste in men or fashion.  There is no in between and no limits.


 (Blue round acetate frames // Face a Face, Blue dress // Forever 21, Silver shoes // Vintage shop)


I’ve always admired your boldness and confidence in your fashion, does that come naturally to you?

It does now but it took a lot of effort to get there.  When I lived in Red Deer I used to dress up all the time for school.  I liked to do my make up and get ready because I wanted to impress people.  When I moved to Edmonton everyone at school just wore Lululemons and sweatpants.  I didn’t try and I didn’t understand why no one would care what anyone though about how they looked so I too stopped getting ready. It took me a while to get used to not having to put the effort out for other people but then I realized I missed putting in the effort for myself.


"I realized that I loved to be fashionable because I loved it and it made me feel good. It made me appreciate style for my own enjoyment." 


If I didn’t care that someone saw me in Adidas shower shoes than I would feel comfortable wearing a crazy fashionable outfit and not care if no one else was doing it.


It’s funny because those shower shoes are in now very much in style.

Haha yes but to me they will always be shower shoes.


 (Red + round horne rimmed frames // Kio Yamato, Dress // Vintage Shop)


Did someone help you build confidence in your style?

Well first I started working at Aritzia so I was exploring fashion quite a bit.

Then I started working for American Apparel a few years ago and they are very accepting of your body.  They really encourage you to wear things that show it off and to be proud.


Right! I've noticed that on their website that they are pro #freethenipple aren’t they?

Yep! That’s where my obsession started!


"Once I started working at Women With Vision and MDO Opticians was the first time I was allowed to wear whatever I wanted and not just what I sold.  I started buying more stuff because I had a platform to wear it and not to mention my addiction to glasses. " 


Honestly though, I have to say that before I met you Britt I didn’t wear any color.  I started wearing color after I started hanging out with you because you wear the weirdest color combinations that you honestly don’t think would go together and then you find yourself being like “well that looks kinda nice…”.


(Black and white polygonal frames // L.A. Eyeworks, Hat // America Apparel, Turtleneck // Aritzia)


Well thanks!...to me they go together! LOL

Haha yeah well I love how you just pick things up and throw them on and they look good, I’m trying to do more of that everyday.


Well thank you.  That is interesting because I really felt that I have taken many things from you when it comes to fashion.  Your youthfulness has really given me a boost of courage to wear certain things I wouldn't have and to freshen up my wardrobe again.


It’s like we’ve cross pollinated our fashion! 

That’s how it is with people you admire.You learn things from each other. I would have never thought you learned things from me either.


What makes you feel sexy?

Anything sheer and leather.  I’m quite short so I like how leather shows off my legs.  Sexy to me is to wear something that feels good so when I leave the house I feel confident and am not going out just to get noticed.  You know, like a vampire I can't wear leather in the daytime so I dress to reflect my mood.


 (Red circular sunglasses // Alain Mikli, Leather leggings // Aritzia, Red shoes // Town Shoes.)


What are some of your beauty tips you could give us?


"Always wear lipstick.  

Even if you are like “I’m going for a very natural look today”… there’s a lipstick for that."


Also, there is never too much denim, in fact I wore denim on denim today."


 (Gold circular sunglasses // Dita Eyewear, Denim Jacket + Grey top // American Apparel, Shorts + belt + shoes // Noul.)


the end


*special thanks to Have Mercy Table & Bar for the wonderful shoot location*








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