February 4, 2018

You have such a wonderful collection of dress wear. When and where did your obsession start?

I have always had a love for gowns and long dresses. I guess you could say I like to make a statement if I'm going to dress up.

"I think its an empowering thing to be able to att...

March 27, 2017

So Curtis, you're originally from St.Albert right? 

I was born in Edmonton but raised in St.Albert. 

When and how did your sense of fashion develop?  

Well it’s evolved and changed over time. In my teens, I wore dress shoes with black socks and thought...

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February 4, 2018

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Madame et Monsieur...

We are two itty bitty stores in Edmonton + St.Albert, Alberta that are dedicated to incredibly made handcrafted eyewear pieces selected specifically for every individual that walks through our door.  Read through some of our style stories where we collaborate with people who live with an obsession for fashion.

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